Our mission is Jesus’ mission, which is “to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10) and to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples who make disciples. 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:19-20) 

Our Mission Statement is: “To encourage all people to trust Christ, whole-heartedly follow Him, & passionately share His life-changing love.” 



In the New Testament, the Greek word for disciple is “mathetes.” That word simply means ‘learner’ or ‘pupil’. This means that every time we see the word disciple in the Bible, we can insert the word ‘learner’.  Thus, a Christian (a word used only 2 times in the Bible) is defined as someone who is a “mathetes” (used 268 times in the Bible) – a learner. 

“Discipleship is the art and science of helping people find, follow and fully become like Jesus. Discipleship happens as God’s people show love, share truth and live life with one another, making new disciples along the way.”                     -Brandon Cox, church planter, pastor



WORSHIP (the Lord) 

The members of Paradise Hills Southern Baptist Church are expected to regularly attend weekend worship services where they will worship God with others & draw closer to Him. 

The “front door” of our discipleship process is participation in our Sunday services.  But worship is not just what we do on Sundays; it’s also how we live our lives throughout the week.  It's living with godly priorities and obedience, and daily attentiveness to the Lord (Romans 12:1-2). 

CONNECT (to others) 

The members of PHSBC shall be involved in a Sunday school class and/or a small group so they will be connected to others in the church and grow in their faith. 

Getting connected means becoming a part of a small group that meets either on Sunday mornings or on a weekday.  Being part of a small group will help you grow spiritually and connect with others at Paradise. 

In a small group, you’ll meet with friends, grow closer to one another, find encouragement and grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Small groups study the Scriptures, figure-out ways to apply God’s Word, and reach out to others who are not connected. 

It’s a place for those of us who still need to grow, who need a place to ask questions and who need encouragement when life gets tough. Small groups are safe, confidential places where members care and support each other. They are for real people living real life. 

SERVE (the Body) 

PHSBC has numerous ministry opportunities for members to serve others and exercise their spiritual gifts.  Members shall be involved in at least one serving ministry. 

At Paradise Hills, serving is in the very core of our DNA.  When you volunteer at Paradise you're putting your faith in action to be the hands and feet of Christ. It gives you the chance to do something with your gifts and talents to help the church body thrive. God has designed each person uniquely and distributed them into the body of Christ with purpose. Our hope and prayer is that, at Paradise, you sense the Lord’s presence richly and will allow Him to draw that gift out of you as you begin to serve. Whether you’re new to Paradise or have been a longtime member, we have a place where you can serve. 

SHARE (the Gospel) 

Every member of PHSBC has been called by God to help fulfill the Great Commission by sharing their faith with others and participating in church outreach and missions projects. 

Every Christian is a missionary, whether the mission field is around the corner or around the globe.  Sharing refers to serving the Lord outside or beyond the walls of the church, & sharing Christ’s love and the saving message of the Gospel with people in practical ways.  Where “SERVE” refers to one’s area of ministry within the church, “SHARE” refers to your mission outside the church.